Welcome to Aqua Spiritus

A game of huge proportions played on water – Aqua Spiritus takes your team out of the office and onto the water – in a big way. Explore a totally new game which is fun, competitive and challenging. This is the ultimate team event that demands both mental and physical agility. It tests a team’s ability to push through barriers and to be strong and resilient.

Aqua Spiritus is a brand new product designed by Elephants in Main Street. Teams compete on a body of water, it could be a dam, lagoon or lake. Their mode of transport is giant SUP’s (stand up paddle boards) and various kayaks. 

Each board easily carries 6-8 people. The stage is set on the water with platforms, goals, a boat and so much more.

Teams compete with each other and they chase, defend and score goals all the while paddling themselves around the field.  The adrenalin kicks in and the fun and action is non-stop. There are no bystanders – everyone has a role whether they are physically inclined or not.

Aqua Spiritus can be played with 2 teams from your organisation, or even against other organisations. It is the ultimate team event on the planet right now.