Welcome to Blog It Baby

Give your team the chance to share their opinions, ideas and goals on an open platform. Then use it to guide the team to new heights of success.

“Blog-it” Baby is a dynamic, high tech, easy to use interaction that creates your very own social network at the office. It pulls everyone and everything together. It is not a management tool, but rather a staff idea generation platform. It stitches together what is working, how people feel, and how you are winning. It solves the problem of failed intranets in the past… it allows people to share and to care.

Teams will be able to build their very own blog, update it, link it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… They will be able to collect really important information about each other, what makes them tick, birthdays, anniversaries, long service awards… what is happening in their lives. It will be the newsletter you have always dreamed of having that keeps everyone in the loop.

The team will have the benefit of a dedicated set of process and technical facilitators who will help them create the blog, load videos, create social media links, upload photos and share successful actions.

Most intranets fail. The reason is that they don’t allow people to express their views and feelings in a safe way. Most organisations back off on having people share their true views and feelings.

What better way than to shape your values, unpack your mission and vision than to do it on a blog? The blog is not open to the public unless you want it to be. It can be designed from scratch so that it fits your organisation like a glove.