Our world has changed. Entrepreneurial ability, flexibility and innovation will be central to the viability of your organisation going forward.

Organisations need to drastically change the way in which they pursue their strategic direction in this uncertain time. The impulse to freeze and wait will crush thousands of businesses. In order to traverse this new, shifting and competitive landscape, a new form of entrepreneurial flexibility is required. 

Entrepreneurial flexibility involves a willingness to rethink continuously and make adjustments to your company’s strategies, action plans and resource allocations as well as to the company structure, culture, and managerial systems.

How quickly and competently can your leaders and teams adapt to changes in your competitor’s strategies, to the shift in power, change in the structure within the value chain or to changes in the availability of core components or cost of materials?

Do you know where you and your people want to go? Do you know how you want to be positioned? Do you know the various routes that you need to take to get there? 

At Elephants in Main Street we have been helping organisations build entrepreneurial flexibility, strengthen the ability to adapt to change and raise the emotional intensity of leaders and teams in respect of their strategy for over 25 years.

Our Entrepreneurs in Action program is one of our longest standing initiatives which is intimately connected to our roots and DNA.

In recent years we have developed a potent strategic adjustment model for leadership to help them transform their organisations to become more agile, develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and compete in an ever changing environment.

Our approach is based on a multi-level approach where we audit, evaluate, design and develop interventions and turning point solutions which:

  1. Build adaptive and entrepreneurial core competencies
  2. Focus and improve actual ability to perform in the new normal
  3. Teach skills and provide reference knowledge and support to aid the transition
  4. Effectively use technology to share information and improve performance
  5. Engage teams in results focused action plans and align culture with the new strategic intent
  6. Bolster levels of learning and innovation
  7. Improve role clarity and help mentor adoption of new roles
  8. Help leaders and teams do more with less

This approach helps companies shift and manage their overall positioning in the market place and how they are perceived. Entrepreneurial positioning is central to an organisation’s survival and how it is perceived in the marketplace. 

Call us today to get our help in making sure that you and your team not only survive this crisis, but actually adapt and build an even better organisation for the future which better serves your market and community and truly enhances the lives of the people that make the organisation the success it has intended to be.