Shake things up and see your team get creative in the pursuit of a common goal. The result will be nothing short of colourful. Graffiti Grooves is a masterpiece in terms of communication and trust, and is perfect for teams that value the spirit of competition and at the same time demand collaboration in the pursuit of a common goal and enjoy having loads of fun while learning. This is a funky and edgy creative process that allows teams to freely express their ideas in a medium that has very few rules or guidelines.

Delegates will be equipped with all the necessary tools for this social collaboration. On canvas the team gets to express their creative talents using spray paint. 

The theme for the canvas could be your company values, the shared vision of your team, or a reflection of the day’s events.

This is a great way to re-enforce the companies branding. The trick is that each team has to communicate with the teams on either side of their pictures as part of the planning. At the end, all works of art are lined up together and together they must tell the whole story.

Teams will have some fantastic realisations about the need to plan ahead, apply basic principles, and work together to make it happen.