Welcome to The Great Debate

Your team will be challenged to confront the greatest issues affecting your business in this time. Some debate issues may be internal, some external. We use this rapid fire, high energy and intense collaboration tool help teams find sanity together.They have to debate a range of carefully designed statements as either Protagonists or Antagonists. There is something for everyone in the process. There is a live panel of adjudicators who question, clarify and judge each case based on its solution-based argument content.

Of course, they also rate and rank the showmanship, eloquence and use of clever rebuttal and cross-examination. It is a highly energised interaction that gets people solving problems and seeing things from the other side. It’s quick, it’s powerful and it’s valuable. It opens the door to tangible action plans and turning points. Ideal for your next meeting or conference. Good bye Power Point and Hello Engagement!