Welcome to Music Video

Invite your teams to let their hair down and prepare to be reminded that we are all “born to be wild”. The power of music is the platform that sets people up to get behind the brand. Music video opens up communication lines and helps people get to know each other. They overcome fixed ideas and a silo mentality.

What’s amazing about Music Video is how it forges new bonds between people from all walks of life.  Music Video transcends demographic barriers as it uses and leverages the force of human emotion and reaction.  Teams conceive, design, script, choreograph and rehearse their very own music production complete with instruments, sets, props, musical equipment and all the audio visual trimmings. There is something for everyone in this process from lead performers through to editors, make-up artists and location scouts.

Music Video is one of our third generation turning points and is over a decade old. It was the result of a marriage of our famous large scale team turning point, Rock Band, and our longest running high impact Creative Expressive experience, Movie Maker. The result is an experience that will bring joy to your people for years to come. Life is too short for bad memories. Music Video tips the scale back in your favour as your team remember this day fondly for years to come.

This is social glue on steroids.