Welcome to Izindlovu FM

This is the time that we need to communicate more than ever, this is the time we need to maintain engagement, this is the time that you need to unite your people.

The power of unity, the power of growth, you’re listening to Izindlovu FM be empowered.

Imagine having your own radio show that gets people listening and talking, imagine having your own radio show that connects everyone so that they share understanding, imagine using this new platform to be able to make people feel safe and to overcome the effects of isolation. Imagine being able to have people pull each other up into a more positive space in this trying time of Covid19.

We will help you with all the aspects of the show. We will be able to format them into podcasts, that you can send out to people on their phones.

You will engage with your people we’ll provide the technology. The recording of the show segments can be done offline, in their homes, offices virtually anywhere. We provide a quick turnaround while making sure that we give you a high-quality production.

Izindlovu FM the answer to overcoming isolation and miscommunication, we have over 30 years in helping companies get the best out of their employees. 

Trust us to get your employees talking and feeling better in this difficult time and going forward. Let us help you create your road to success using our innovative, nimble and agile technology solutions. 

We help teams all over the world, let us help you tell the story of your organisation.

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