Is Your Organisation Ready to Reboot?

I think it is quite possible that the next six to thirty six months are going to be the most challenging months for any business anywhere in the world. 

For many businesses it will be a case of crisis management, for others it will be overcoming the inertia that has come with COVID 19 and for some it will be an opportunity to completely re-invent and re-imagine their businesses.

It is with this in mind that we have developed a very specific set of reboot interventions for teams and groups. We know that production is the basis of morale and have learned over the last 30 years of servicing groups around the world that we need to communicate and give people a common goal, purpose and align on a plan of action in order to survive well.

We have taken our best high impact large and small group interventions in our virtual reality and creative expressive product ranges and have galvanised them into a new range of pertinent group communication and team alignment tools. We have called them REBOOT 2020.

These interventions are designed to run on a staggered basis, from people’s homes and offices, in small group settings and across a range of different time zones and geographies. They are also designed to run in a very cost-effective method that uses the internet, video and technology in an agile and goal oriented way.

For the purpose of illustration, we have segmented the facilitation of the Reboot 2020 process to cover the following topics:

  1. Unfreeze, unlearn, relearn and reapply.
  2. Health and safety
  3. Security
  4. Group communication
  5. Client engagement
  6. Client service
  7. Production and delivery management
  8. Financial management
  9. Innovation and technology
  10. Community awareness
  11. Ecosystem networks
  12. Human emotion and reaction
  13. Brand management and route to market
  14. Downsizing and rightsizing
  15. Product development and repackaging 

Our team will work with you and your people to coordinate the planning and organisation requirements to make this a reality.

This is the next chapter of the new normal  and quite possibly the greatest entrepreneurial challenge of our lifetime.