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How do you ensure the continued success and viability in these uncertain times? How do you adjust to the new reality? How do you survive in a market which now scrutinizes every transaction?  How do you keep your sales team motivated and make sure they have the necessary support to hunt effectively and bring home the results needed.

The answer lies in re-orientating your organisation to ensure every single aspect is completely focused on and capable of delivering clear and compelling value to its customers. 

Your differentiators need to be clear, your service levels outstanding and your delivery systems and structures slick and streamlined. Every interaction must be zoomed in on delighting customers and meeting the needs that your market faces in this crisis. 

The days of playing cat catch mouse with prospects are over. We have to learn to do more with less.

Welcome to Digital Tigers Solutions Series. Digital Tigers is a multi-tiered solution set for Sales Managers, Sales Coaches, Client Engagement, Service Delivery and Front Line Sales people.

Each module and intervention is customised to meet your specific needs. We assist with the process of rebooting your team, bringing them into present time and refocusing your people on the new strategy and how it has changed, why it has changed and how they now need to operate in order to survive in this volatile world. 

At the heart of the Digital Tigers Solutions Series is a hands-on set of tools which practically raise skills, accountability, urgency, exchange and willingness to confront what is needed and wanted to survive.

In addition to flexible online training, we provide shadowed meeting support and live coaching and review. We help your team improve their ability to prospect, qualify, overcome problems and objections and help build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with your customers.

We help design, interpret tenders and briefs, define latent needs and position proposals for maximum impact. Once done, we rehearse and prepare teams for excellence and ensure that they are competent to close the sale. We tag with your team in virtual online engagements, we rapidly debrief and correct errors, provide advice on recovery and strengthen skills after each engagement thus raising confidence, improving certainty and helping your team build their formula for winning at each level of the sales organisation.

We further support sales teams by providing high impact, goal focused sales material and online video and digital support to accelerate decision making. We help turn presentations into closes and get the flow of business going again.

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Kata Masters | Mastering Emotional Control
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Kata Masters Promo | September 2018

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They get caught up in the trap of spending their time managing the numbers, studying the spending, being mindful of the cost of sale, carefully watching the attrition rate of existing accounts, and tracking new business. However, none of those responsibilities are as important as growing and developing salespeople.

The SALES SENSAI program helps new sales managers overcome this dilemma by finding a way to focus primarily on coaching while also juggling all of the responsibilities of management.

The SALES SENSAI enriches the delegate with the willingness and ability to coach and lead the numbers through inspiration, motivation and a gaining a commitment to a common goal. They become true team builders and learn the skills of growing and activating rain makers and stars within their ranks. They link purpose, urgency, relationships and rhythm into a finely tuned program that delivers on budget.

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The best weapon of success is investing in your workforce, investing in the growth of their capabilities, investing in tools that will escalate your sales projection numbers beyond your imagination. Customers do not buy a product or services because of the features but they buy it because it can help them solve their problems and it all begins with your sales people. They have to believe in themselves and the product they are selling to help the client make the decision to associate with your organisation. We have designed the right winning formula for your team, Sales Tracker.

Why take your sales people out of the work place when you can increase performance by training them on the job.

Sales Tracker is a dynamic concept in sales training. When surveying new clients on sales training the first negative to be raised is that what gets put forward in theory does not get put into practice – for example no follow through to the day to day workings of the organisation.

The concept was taken from the air force’s ability to refuel their fighter jets in mid air enabling them to extend their flying range, and enabling them to strike more effectively behind enemy lines. 

We will develop them to a squadron that will champion your sales. We want your team to win, we will equip them with strategies of learning to not only hear the client but to listen to a client so that they can diagnose the clients needs and be able to successfully prescribe your product.

Sales Tracker is a hands-on, practical, performance-focused training program that maintains and develops your sales team’s level of motivation and closure rate while they are working. The key is to not only close a sale but to build a long-term relationship that will help the elevation of success in your organisation. We save your organisation the down-time of training by working face to face with your people and customers.

This program is guaranteed to make a positive impact on your bottom line, increasing market share, increasing customer service, increasing the skills level and motivation of your people.