Use any of the below categories to socialise your company culture. 

creative expressive

The Creative Expressive category is one of our most popular categories as it enables a wide range of sizes of groups from the small 6-person team right the way through to groups of over 1000 people at a time to creatively get behind an idea.

These interventions are extremely flexible in terms of being able to address a range of objectives and are very venue tolerant. They get people involved and cater for many different demographic profiles. Most importantly, each of these interventions has a definite, tangible outcome which is incredibly valuable back in the workplace.

creative technical

There is a constant evolution in the world of technology. New products and devices adorn our lives daily. Take these gadgets, coupled with a group seeking to have an extraordinary team building experience, navigate a laser maze, and crack the vault in The Heist or track down the elephant poachers in the Anti Poaching Unit.

creative adventure

An adventure is something exhilarating, an unusual experience which is not easily forgotten. With our Creative Adventures the thrills are plenty and the moments unforgettable. This is reality TV almost personified… Imagine experiencing your own Amazing Race or Survivor-type challenge.

cognitive experiential

The Cognitive Experiential services are designed to address a range of multifaceted situations and needs inside teams. They assist from helping people create alignment around a common goal, to interrogating strategy and structure, to repairing and enhancing relationships.

Over the last 20 years we have refined these services to be able to address cross-cultural interfaces, senior management meetings, joint venture project teaming and much, much more. These heavily customised services are managed by a blend of our facilitators and consultants to ensure definite and measurable changes in team performance.

socialiser energiser

From making and bottling our own wine blend in out Teamistry to being a rock star in your very own Rock Band the Socialiser and Energiser team experiences will give you an ideal opportunity to unwind, lean something new and do something that’s different, fun and exhilarating.