Springboard innovation in your team with one or more of these products. Each product is customisable to suit your business needs, strategy and goals. 

Cross Examination

Need a new way to run a think tank or have a brainstorming session? Need a new way to get to the heart of the matter or generate solutions?

Cross Examination is an ideal way to mobilise members of your organisations from a range of different departments, divisions or disciplines. It allows people to share information, deal with issues that are preventing forward movement and co-create solutions that will redefine your market position.

We have run this process in a range of other spheres from Client Engagement Briefings, Research and Development breakaways, Focus Groups on Product Rebranding, Recruitment Interviews, Process Improvement Conferences… and even Conflict Resolution Interventions!

The team will experience what it is like to work together in an extremely organised and pressured environment, as the clock ticks ever closer to the trial. Will your team be ready in time?

The Cross Examination will be real in every possible sense of the word – real lawyers, valid arguments, evidence, witnesses, a bailiff and a judge. The teams will have a case or client to defend, whether it’s the company or their product – you will be astounded at the result.

We wrap up the day in true Boston Legal style with a court room, filled with a jury of your peers, a bailiff and a judge. As the gavel pounds, you begin your opening statement of your case proving your knowledge of your product, company, team and most of all – yourself.

We designed Cross Examination to help our clients get the most out of their teams at the following levels: Strategic Planning, Sales Improvement, Project Alignment and Culture Change.

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