one team, one goal

Welcome to ONE GOAL ONE TEAM. It is a highly structured process designed to clean up unfinished business, rejuvenate the team and restore levels of trust and co-operation. The team emerges from a 2 1⁄2 day breakaway refreshed and aligned to a common goal. Communication is enhanced and the issues of the past no longer trouble the team.

It’s like give your Ferrari a full service with all the trimmings. It’s a magical drive thereafter. If you are interested in creating and maintaining a high performing team, then ONE GOAL ONE TEAM is a must!

Prior to working with your team we recommend doing a team snapshot/climate audit. Based on the response from the assessments and climate audit we then formulate the correct intervention for each level of the organisation. 

This is normally done on a one-on-one basis in the comfort of each senior manager’s office. 

We combine the outcomes from the team audit and interviews process with our proven processes and technology so as ensure an excellent outcome for the team.

news room

This CREATIVE EXPRESSIVE intervention is the very heart of the every day world of cut-throat journalism. It is filled with breaking news and reporting on events as they unfold.

You will be blown away as you discover just how meticulously we have emulated this astounding industry. Documentaries, reality TV, news flashes and breaking news bulletins are all an integral part of this process.

Manage the future from the present. Use our powerful team alignment instrument NEWS ROOM to connect your people with your strategy. This is pressure at its ultimate. The team are challenged to produce their very own news show.

They need to plan, produce, direct and appear in their very own broadcast. This platform is not only

an excellent simulator of high performing teams, but also a potent incubator for developing and reinforcing your organisational Vision, Mission, Ambition and Values. Get your people out of their seats and into action with NEWS ROOM. Discover how to turn the typical death-by-PowerPoint conference into an exhilarating turning-point experience.



Our focus is on improving the productivity, sales performance, viability and corporate culture of an organisation by enhancing individual, team and leadership ability.

Any organisation is only as good as its people. Our focus is on building skills, relationships and systems that increase people’s ability to produce. Give them a common goal, a structure and strategy to achieve it.

Our consulting process can take an organisation through the key steps of analysing and recommending changes to its structure and culture, to become aligned with its strategic intent and actual performance. We help to provide skills and forge a process to achieve productivity, growth and continued success.

Corporate Culture refers to values shared by the people in the organisation. These shared values lead to specific behaviours by individuals and teams within the organisation. These behaviours in turn forward the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan of the organisation.

Elephants In Main Street International assists organisations to adopt or enhance a culture, which enables them to achieve positive, consistent results and sustainable growth. First we analyse the current culture to determine whether it is aligned with the organisation’s strategic direction. This analysis provides recommendations for management interventions to create or re-align the culture to be consistent with their strategic intent.

We then provide the necessary interventions to effect the desired changes.

Our coaching and facilitation is mainly in the following fields:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Management and supervisory skills
  • Team leadership
  • Mentorship and coaching
  • Culture change
  • Change management
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales Training
  • Teambuilding
  • Enhancing team performance
  • Customer relationship and service skills

super teams

super leaders

Super Leaders is an intense cognitive experiential skills development program for new and existing supervisors and middle managers.

It is different from the average theory-based session – it is run in a practical and hands-on way that not only builds motivation, interest and willingness to change, but also allows delegates to actually apply what they are learning, whilst learning.

The delegate takes part in both indoor and outdoor projects where the element of surprise is critical to the process and where the ability to APPLY their knowledge is tested.

The impact and learning also comes from the spontaneous response of the delegate to a new situation.

The delegates examine how they performed in a professionally conducted feedback session led by skilled facilitators.

Delegates have realisations about their performance. They discover what they are actually doing as opposed to what they may believe they are doing.

Here the delegates receive the necessary skills to improve their performance.

The new skill is practiced until it results in ABILITY, both for the individual and for the team.

Each week we receive many emails from past Super Leaders telling us how the program has been life-changing.

They realise that they are capable of making a significant difference in their day to day lives.

They see the value in creating excellent relationships in their lives and at the same time adopting successful patterns and formulas for success.

We provide in the workplace, hands-on coaching on a one on one basis where we help Super Leaders transfer and apply the skills taught to everyday situations and interfaces.

At the same time we help them remain stable and win in the many other aspects of life from financial control, to personal safety, to ethics in the family setting, to learning and development and overall health and spiritual engagement.

This is an ideal setting to stitch and link the organisational values into everyday life and build positive bridges for success in the hearts and minds of your people.

formula for winning

kata masters