Use these products to develop the skills within your team and organisation.

Snapshot audits

Find out how your people are doing, find out what you need to be doing with them and how you can help them. Stay connected in uncertain times.

Lockdown is the perfect time to do an online Snapshot Audit with your team. Whilst production may be halted or slowed down, it is a good time to get planning and strategy development done. When lockdown ends, make sure you have done everything you can to use the down time to get ready to reboot quickly and effectively.

We offer a professional team to facilitate the audit online or in one on one telcons with your team members. We can assist you in a number of ways. We realise that there are a number of factors to consider, and we understand that the team does not necessarily come from the same background, ethic and culture.

The Snapshot Audit is conducted on a qualitative basis. We make use of one-on-one interviews and online group focus sessions. All discussion guides are customised to meet the specific objectives of each audit. The in-depth one-on-one interviews reveal far deeper entrenched perceptions as the interviewer has flexibility in exploring topics which arise regularly and which appear to be important. 

After the interviews are completed, a report based on the interviews is prepared, together with any comment and/or recommendation that we may make. You will find us unconditionally honest, at this point, and into the future. We will tell you the situation like it is. This has been one of our key differentiators on projects. 

Invest in a successful reboot process and do it right.

tigers or pussycats

How do you ensure the continued success and viability in these uncertain times? How do you adjust to the new reality? How do you survive in a market which now scrutinizes every transaction?  How do you keep your sales team motivated and make sure they have the necessary support to hunt effectively and bring home the results needed.

The answer lies in re-orientating your organisation to ensure every single aspect is completely focused on and capable of delivering clear and compelling value to its customers. 

Your differentiators need to be clear, your service levels outstanding and your delivery systems and structures slick and streamlined. Every interaction must be zoomed in on delighting customers and meeting the needs that your market faces in this crisis. 

The days of playing cat catch mouse with prospects are over. We have to learn to do more with less.

Welcome to Digital Tigers Solutions Series. Digital Tigers is a multi-tiered solution set for Sales Managers, Sales Coaches, Client Engagement, Service Delivery and Front Line Sales people.

Each module and intervention is customised to meet your specific needs. We assist with the process of rebooting your team, bringing them into present time and refocusing your people on the new strategy and how it has changed, why it has changed and how they now need to operate in order to survive in this volatile world. 

At the heart of the Digital Tigers Solutions Series is a hands-on set of tools which practically raise skills, accountability, urgency, exchange and willingness to confront what is needed and wanted to survive.

In addition to flexible online training, we provide shadowed meeting support and live coaching and review. We help your team improve their ability to prospect, qualify, overcome problems and objections and help build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with your customers.

We help design, interpret tenders and briefs, define latent needs and position proposals for maximum impact. Once done, we rehearse and prepare teams for excellence and ensure that they are competent to close the sale. We tag with your team in virtual online engagements, we rapidly debrief and correct errors, provide advice on recovery and strengthen skills after each engagement thus raising confidence, improving certainty and helping your team build their formula for winning at each level of the sales organisation.

We further support sales teams by providing high impact, goal focused sales material and online video and digital support to accelerate decision making. We help turn presentations into closes and get the flow of business going again.

Super leaders

Super Leaders is an intense cognitive experiential skills development program for new and existing supervisors and middle managers.

It is different from the average theory-based session – it is run in a practical and hands-on way that not only builds motivation, interest and willingness to change, but also allows delegates to actually apply what they are learning, whilst learning.

The delegate takes part in both indoor and outdoor projects where the element of surprise is critical to the process and where the ability to APPLY their knowledge is tested.

The impact and learning also comes from the spontaneous response of the delegate to a new situation. The delegates examine how they performed in a professionally conducted feedback session led by skilled facilitators.

Delegates have realisations about their performance. They discover what they are actually doing as opposed to what they may believe they are doing.

Here the delegates receive the necessary skills to improve their performance. The new skill is practiced until it results in ABILITY, both for the individual and for the team.

Each week we receive many emails from past Super Leaders telling us how the program has been life-changing.

They realise that they are capable of making a significant difference in their day to day lives.

They see the value in creating excellent relationships in their lives and at the same time adopting successful patterns and formulas for success.

We provide in the workplace, hands-on coaching on a one on one basis where we help Super Leaders transfer and apply the skills taught to everyday situations and interfaces.

At the same time we help them remain stable and win in the many other aspects of life from financial control, to personal safety, to ethics in the family setting, to learning and development and overall health and spiritual engagement.

This is an ideal setting to stitch and link the organisational values into everyday life and build positive bridges for success in the hearts and minds of your people.

kata masters